Photo Flashback – Re-Visiting 1980 Kappa Sig

Photo Flashback – Re-Visiting 1980 Kappa Sig

This month we are taking the photo time machine back to 1980 at Denison…but where were YOU that year?

If the years have all begun to blend together, maybe this 1980 group photo of Dave Auchter, Matt Prosser, Art Steinmetz (all ’80) bowling in the Gamma-Xi parking lot will help you remember a little bit about what you were up to that year.. We’re sure that Gamma-Xi most likely had a great year!

If you are one of the brothers in this picture and you have a great story or even more great pictures to share, please visit the website and go to the Submit Update page or send direct to [email protected]  for consideration in a future newsletter. There are a very limited number of photos available online and we are always trying to build our archives so we can make them available to all of you on the website.

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